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Residential Case Studies

DK_Case Study (Boise Flood)

Water Damage Recovery

The water pipes on the second floor of this vacation home froze and broke due to malfunction in the thermostat. The combination of freezing temperatures, no heat and no one home allowed 40,000 gallons of water to spill into the house. Every room and surface of the house sustained some sort of damage. All the drywall had to be taken down to the studs, including flooring and ceiling.

Nampa Fire DK

Interior Fire Damage Recovery

The fire was started by grass clippings stored in a trash bag next to the garage. Heat from the clippings combined with summer temperatures caused spontaneous combustion that ignited the garage and house. The entire roof system was destroyed. The garage and interior of the home were structurally damaged including the kitchen, dining room, living room, halls and bedroom areas. This included heavy smoke damage throughout the home.

Boise Fire Kleenup

Exterior Fire Damage Recovery

The fire was started by a cigarette that was disposed in a planter on the back deck of the home. Debris in the planter ignited with flames traveling onto the deck and home. As you can see from the photos below, severe structural damage and smoke contamination occurred. Disaster Kleenup was able to help the family put their lives back together by fully restoring their home.

Boise Fire Kleenup 2

Kitchen Fire Damage Recovery

The fire was ignited by an electric dog blanket that shorted out, catching the dog house on fire. Flames travelled to the wood deck engulfing the exterior wall of the home and up the wood trusses. From there the fire burned the entire roof off of the house. The interior of the first floor of the home was severely damaged by fire and smoke. Then water from fire hoses used to extinguish the flames flooded the basement causing severe water damage.

Commercial Case Studies

Commercial Mold Removal

DK was called by a property manager who had gone to check on one of their rural ranch properties. While inspecting the property, the manager noticed standing water throughout the home with a visible mold-like substance on all walls and contents throughout the property.

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