Disaster Prevention Tips

While disasters can seemingly come out of nowhere, there are ways to prepare and sometimes even prevent them from happening to your home or commercial property. See our disaster prevention tips below:

Water Damage Prevention

Learn how to protect and prevent heavy rain, natural disasters, frozen pipes and water dams from damaging your home and possessions.

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Fire Damage Prevention

Curious about how you can safeguard your home or business against potential fire damage? View our tips to learn more about preventing fire damage before it happens.

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Storm Damage Preparedness

Dealing with the aftermath of storm? Wondering what you can do to prepare for one? Here are some tips on preparing for disasters and mitigating the damage before we get there.

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Mold Prevention

Dealing with mold? Wondering what could’ve been done to prevent it? Here are some tips for dealing with mold and preventing it going forward.

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“Joe and his amazing team worked directly with my insurance. They came in quick and professional with a lot of consideration sprinkled with humor. Humor, especially when life throws you a disaster, is such a wonderful thing...let the DK crew take care of you.”

- Sheila P.

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